Since 1867

Since 1867

Awards and Recognition



HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) designation and

certification at the presentation ceremonies conducted under the direction

of the then Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food Lyle Vanclief, MP of

Prince Edward-Hastings County.  Wilton Cheese Factory is on the list. 


Winner of the coveted British Empire Award received at

the presentation ceremonies in Belleville, Ontario.


Grand National Agrigate Champion for the

Dominion of Canada awarded at the Canadian National Exhibition

competition in Toronto, Ontario.


"Jensen's Wilton Cheese Factory is the first cheese factory in

Eastern Ontario and the third in Canada to receive the federal designation."

"It is no small achievement because it means these companies

can sell their products not only in Canada but world wide.

Without HACCP designation markets would be restricted;

for example, no meat can be exported to the United States

unless it comes from a HACCP plant."

"We consider these plants to be pioneers as we note

there are only 190 food plants in all of Canada to achieve this honour." 

~Comments taken from the Minister's Address and from statements by

Thomas Graham Chairman of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as

published in the Belleville Intelligencer.~