Since 1867

Since 1867

Cheese Making

The early basic recipe for making cheese has not really changed over the years. 

Cheese making still consists of milk, coagulants, heat, and agitation.

Cheese making has evolved over its' long history. Humans have taken the basics of curds and whey and have created many different types of cheese from numerous cultures with varying flavours and characteristics. 

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Filling the Vat with Milk Adding Natural Colour Adding Microbial Enzyme Cutting Heating & Stirring Moving Curds to the End of the Vat Draining & Stirring Final Draining Preparing for series of turns Starting series of turns Turning Cheddaring Piled High Expelling Moisture Time & Labour Final Turn Milling the Curd Salting Loading Curds into Molds Loading Pressing Removing the Cheese 40lb Cheddar Blocks Branding Aging
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